Rein Van Imschoot
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Hi there! My name is Rein Van Imschoot.
I am a developer and consultant from Belgium with over 3 years of experience.

I focus on creating cross-platform mobile solutions with React Native and Apollo GraphQL.

I graduated as a teacher and taught myself programming
using online courses, books and kind (and patient) colleagues.

Since then, I worked for several companies, including the University of Ghent.

My personal projects include the development of SwitchDaily,
a cross-platform companion app for Nintendo Switch users.

It has over fifteen thousand users and can be found on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

In addition to my development work,
I write articles about the React Native ecosystem for React Native Training.

Do you have project you wish to discuss? Are you interested in working together
Don't hesitate and contact me. I love to hear about challenging and creative ideas! or +32 496 64 90 05